• Bed Bug Treatment Canterbury

  • Bedbugs are perhaps the least harmful and probably the most common pest that Local Pest Control Canterbury deals with. The common misconception with bedbugs is that they survive in your bed, this is false. The name starts from their routine of feeding on humans whilst they sleep in their bed, hence the name. Their attacks can create rashes and obvious blistering, as well as allergic reactions in humans. The reproductive cycle of a bedbug is very successful, producing near 4000 young which can enjoy up to 18 months in amidst your bed linens and textiles before venturing out and making themselves known. Many of our clients feedback that the annoyance induced by the bedbugs was virtually as painful as the time and expense exhausted on their own endeavours to manage their outbreak.

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  • As bedbugs can stay undetectable and not require to feed for extended periods of time, it is common for DIY bed bug treatments to appear successful in the short-term only the bedbugs will certainly revisit once those preventative strategies were forgotten.

    The removal of bedbugs is close to impossible without a collaborative effort, and it demands a distinctive degree of co-operation between Local Pest Control Canterbury's technicians and the client. By cleaning, hoovering and bathing your clothes and bed linen, you will lay the groundwork for our professionals. There's a lot of factors to bedbug removal, not only do we function closely with the property owner but we employ the use of various composite products tailor-made for the removal of bedbugs.

  • Bed Bug Removal

    A knock-down fog spray is blended with an insect growth regulator that stops bedbugs from reaching maturity and breeding further. As bedbugs are commonly discovered in the home setting it is essential that we maintain optimal safety for the occupants, consequently we avoid using any materials that're dangerous to human health.

    As we push through the treatment, one of the finishing stages is employing "Diatomaceous Earth", this powder will dehydrate the bedbugs and will swiftly kill them negating the application of any further substances. This powder can be easily hoovered up, but only once our professionals have determined that the bedbugs have been totally eradicated.

  • Bed Bug Pest Control

    Bedbugs can cause a real issue for property owners regardless of their small build, initiating a real issue for bedbug pest controllers. Thanks to our phased treatment process, seasoned bedbug removal technicians and modern-day chemical technologies you can count on our bedbug removal service for total security in your home.

    Please do not let the idea of a bedbug removal solution put you off getting your house treated. We'll ensure that you are entirely happy to go ahead with bedbug removal before the use of any treatments. Our technicians will always ensure that you understand exactly what is required to be done, keeping you updated at every point of the procedure.