• Bird Netting Canterbury

  • Many customers across Canterbury have benefited from our experienced bird control and bird netting solutions. If you think you would benefit from the use of bird netting to your property then be sure to phone and one of our pest control professionals will be on hand to support you on the treatments that we can supply. Our services are well priced and the bird control benefits will speak for themselves. Feral birds and their nuisance activity can greatly affect your properties visual allure so we encourage you to choose our bird control services to combat any further damage.

  • We recommend bird netting specifically for problem bird behaviour as its rewards are noticed immediately with no negative affects to seagulls and pigeons. A professional bird netting treatment prevents all bird actions regardless of size.

    The installation of nets could cover small locations such as ledges around buildings. There is no limit to the performance of bird netting as it can be installed to areas of any size and will have the same beneficial outcome in the elimination of problem bird behaviour. The effectiveness of bird netting ranges all sorts of installments, we have had particular success around balconies, loadings bays and over head structures which require the prevention of bird roosting and nesting. If cost is an concern we advise bird netting as the single, upfront cost is one of the more cost effective bird control strategies with guaranteed benefits.

  • Do you need bird deterrents or bird control in Canterbury? Our bird netting service prevents all bird activity!

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