• Bird Spikes Canterbury

  • Canterbury bird spiking installations made available by Local Pest Control Canterbury. We have experience in delivering effective bird spiking systems to a range of clients in both the commercial and domestic areas. We've pest control technicians equipped to help you with your bird control enquiries. Phone now to discuss an applicable strategy to manage your bird control requirements.

    Thorough bird control is achievable using bird spike devices. There are a range of bird spiking devices nonetheless they all stick to the same principal of comprising spikes that points in all directions. To fit bird spiking systems to your establishment we use a range of fixing materials. Pigeon and gull spikes are available in various sizes, we will fit the most applicable according to your bird control concerns. Having mounted numerous bird spiking solutions we've pest control professionals in Canterbury on hand to support you on what is the preferred route to handle your bird control trouble.

  • Do you need bird deterrents or bird control in Canterbury? Our bird spiking service prevents all roosting activity!

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  • Bird spikes operate successfully on all kinds of surfaces; we've installed these solutions to all varieties of walls, ledges, roof coverings, commercial signs and recently solar panel systems. No injury comes to the birds as they don’t actually touch the spikes. The RSPB suggest that bird spikes are a recommended bird obstruction.

    Towns and city centers at this time gain greatly from the installation of bird spikes and also seaside towns where gulls and pigeons accumulate collectively in huge numbers. The spikes help with dispersing the numbers and stop them from producing a annoyance to the community.

    Bird Spikes offer extremely effective bird proofing and defense. We at Local Pest Control Canterbury devote some time in planning the set up of your bird spiking solutions to guarantee that the visual affect on your structures exterior is kept to a minimum.