• Canterbury Pest Control

  • Local Pest Control Canterbury are the perfect solution to your pest problem. We will handle the pests that plague your home or business premises in the most humane methods available. Our methods have been fine tuned over three steps to tailor a pest control plan to fit your specific needs thus making us one of the best pest control companies in Canterbury.

  • Canterbury Pest Control first port of call is to assess, identify and then evaluate all of the underlying reasons on how your problem came about. This involves visually inspecting every nook and cranny of your property, under the sofa’s or behind that dusty book shelf. Appliances have been known to house our pint sized foes and therefore these are subject to our scrutiny too.

    • Comprehensive inspection: Any sanitation/structural conditions conducive to vermin.
    • Identify the pest’s activity: Examine and document any evidence of activity.
    • Evaluate any risks: We consider your premises and any risk as a result of vermin activity.
  • Canterbury Pest Control providing a prompt, efficient, discreet and cost effective pest control solution to those in need.

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  • Continually adapting our solution until the infestation has gone. At Local Pest Control Canterbury, we use the most humane methods available to take control of your premises. This involves varied industry leading tools to help capture and prevent any pests.

    • Prevention focused: Exclusion, sanitation or non chemical based options.
    • Environment friendly: When control products are the only viable option, the affect on the environment is of upmost importance.
    • Sanitation: We will assess your maintenance and cleaning methods to eradicate pest hot-spots.

    Following the completion of the implementation we educate our clients on how to monitor and identify any further pest activity following treatment. Identified early, pests and vermin are controlled far more effectively. We educate on how to avoid further infestations.

    Canterbury pest control will conduct varied inspections dependent on the type of pest that has plagued your Canterbury based premises. Our technicians use age old techniques to carry out inspection of every room in your property – kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and so on. Attics and basements due to their unused nature are also pest hot spots and therefore may need attending to too. We carry out thorough examination of the external areas of your property to identify access points and any probable routes of entry. No rug is left unturned in search of your four legged problem.

    With a proven track record in permanent pest control and the results to boot, we believe our service is one of the best pest control services in Canterbury, Kent. We are yet to encounter a pest or vermin problem that has been beyond our scope to permanently remove the intruders. You will no longer be subject to the dangers posed by insects or rodents. Nor the smell, noise or worry of Canterbury based pests. We will assist in keeping your family, pets and most importantly your home, clean and vermin free. Take a look below at a few reasons on why you should book our services:

    • Flexible visiting hours
    • Discreet service
    • Affordable and competitive pricing
    • Experienced technicians