• Cockroach Control Canterbury

  • There are two types of cockroach that call the UK home. They are the oriental and the German cockroach. Cockroaches stand out amongst other insects and that is due to their very large and whip-esque antennae. Their bodies are flat and oval and their walk is a bit jerky to say the least. The German cockroach is the smaller of the two species and will range from 10mm to 15mm in length. Its colour is a yellow/brown colour. The oriental cockroach is the darker brown/black colour and is much larger at 20mm to 24mm in size. A younger cockroach looks just as scary but much smaller in size.

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  • The German cockroach will carry its egg cases around until 30 or more nymphs are ready to make their way in to the world. The Oriental cockroach however will deposit one large 13mm long capsule in a suitable dark crevice before 16 – 18 nymphs hatch around 3 months later. The German cockroach takes around 12 weeks to reach maturity where as the Oriental Cockroach takes 12 months. A late blossomer.

    Much to our dismay, cockroaches are rarely able to survive outside due to the British climate and seek warmer climates indoors. They thrive on making camp around heating ducts or a nice boiler room. Large centrally heated buildings such as hospitals, hotels and restaurant kitchens are the perfect environment for cockroaches. Our cockroach pest control measures will keep them at bay for all of the areas mentioned. The gather around warm pipes and stoves, particularly in humid areas and will remain hidden from site during the day... They are not silly!

    As for their diet, cockroaches as you would imagine are not fussy eaters and will eat anything that we foolishly leave lying around. Like all living creatures they do require access to water which is why its commonplace to find them making their home around sinks.

    When cockroaches are on the prowl for food or water they will contaminate food, kitchen utensils and any preparation surfaces they wander across. They leave a nasty smell on food and can carry disease which can lead to food poisoning.

    As mentioned on some of our other pages, one cockroach in a hotel or food establishment can ruin a reputation. Complaints and refunds are common place. Please invest in proper cockroach control services. 

    The ideal environment for a Cockroach is an area with food, water and a nice dark space for it to call home. Away from our prying eyes of course. Here are some tips from us on preventing an outbreak:

    Keep it clean and tidy – Keep preparation surfaces clean and tidy between usage, removing the maximum amount of food residue possible. As much as we want to leave the dirty dishes until tomorrow, we recommend that you get the washing up done as you finish as dirty plates and utensils are a cockroach buffet waiting to happen. Bins should be sealed and maintained in a clean fashion, emptying them regularly is recommended. Any warm spots around white goods in your kitchen should be cleaned and regularly checked as they are a food hotspot and also warm.

    Cockroach proofing – In an attempt to keep cockroaches out of your premises we recommend that you seal any gaps around doors, windows and where any utility pipes or cables provide a path of entry. Keep on top of any plumbing issues that could provide a water supply.

    nsecticidal treatment is the most efficient manner in dealing with a cockroach infestation. The difficulty that faces our technicians is that getting the insecticide to the cockroaches due to the nature of finding very good hiding places. We have to be persistent in ensuring that we kill off the nymphs before they hatch.

    Sticky traps are a great tool for monitoring the amount of cockroaches that we have to deal with. Sticky traps also give us a good indication of where the cockroaches are present and can lead us to their point of access or hiding spots.

    Once we have identified where the cockroaches are entering and living we can implement a strategic insecticidal treatment over a handful of visits until we have totally removed your problem.