• Flea Treatment Canterbury

  • We are a professional pest control company offering Flea treatments to all sectors in the Canterbury area. To discuss your requirements please call 01227 207217 where one of our friendly pest control technicians will take some details and advise on how best to treat your flea problem. We use a discreet service with affordable pricing with no hidden fee's or charges.

  • Due to the fleas mass, their bites are comparatively minor in effect to us as humans nonetheless the scratching caused by the irritation can become uncomfortable in more severe instances. Fleas pose a threat of infection to both humans and domestic pets as they possess and distribute diseases such as Typhus and Tapeworm. Fleas can create an unclean environment and their position in a house can often warrant complete flea-treatments for pets, while schools often stipulate that children be separated from their friends until they too have been treated so as to restrict the spread of fleas.

  • Are fleas biting you and your pets in the Canterbury area? Need a professional to deal with the flea problem?

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  • Flea Proofing And Removal

    There are 101 different types of flea control and flea prevention products and techniques however none are as effective as our flea control treatments. Domestic pets expose a much increased chance of a flea outbreak taking hold of a household due to animal behaviour and their hair providing an ideal environment for the reproduction of fleas. People are also subject to the transportation of fleas as they will settle on an unsuspicious host whilst available and will then set themselves in the hosts house when they return.

    The eggs of a flea are far harder to uncover and eliminate than the fleas themselves. A deep clean of the house following a application is essential in the elimination of your flea problem, we will work with each other through this process to ensure our common goal is reached. Making use of a staged application post deep clean; we will determine the remaining (well hidden) flea eggs and larvae.

  • Flea Treatments

    Our technicians use a fogger-spray with an insect growth regulator that prevents the commonly chemical-resilient larvae from reaching breeding age. In conjunction with the fogger spray we posses a dust at our fingertips that when employed will dehydrate the fleas all through your home which will remove them as a pest and will be gathered next time you use the hoover for your cleaning. Our treatment goes after the origin of flea outbreaks, the eggs and larvae, along with treating the fleas themselves, supplying a total remedy to infestation as opposed to a temporary countermeasure.

    For individuals that aren't experienced in the field of flea pest control it is hard to determine whether you need the assistance of a specialist flea removal service. At Local Pest Control Canterbury, we supply a consultation that will determine the degree of the infestation and will tell you what can be done to prevent it. Please be aware that our attempts will only be entirely successful if you work hard with our company to regulate your flea outbreak. We will take care of the control of the fleas but please take heed of our information and keep on top of the processes that we ask of you, such as the washing and laundering of linens and fabrics.