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  • Dealing with Insects in your house or property

    Are you having problems with insects and bugs? We've got a team of trained and competent pest controllers on hand to assist you today! Please take a look at the information below where you can find some more information about all of the insects that we deal with. Should you not be able to find the answer to your query here then call us now and one of our technicians will be waiting to take your call with a wealth of information about bugs and insects around Canterbury. Look no further that our pest control services for bugs and insects around the Canterbury area. Give us a call now and we'll be able to advise and give you an estimate on the prices for our treatments.

    Get rid of spiders from your premises

    Spiders in the UK rarely pose any real threat to humans other than fear. False widow spider sightings and encounters are on the rise being found in all manner of places, so keep an eye out for them. Pest control for spiders is designed to remove the problem quickly to alleviate any concern that its causing to home owners and tenants.

    If there is regular spider activity that is causing you concern around your property then nesting spiders can be taken care of to put your mind at ease. Effective spider control will address any nests and webs removing the problem swiftly. We have spider pest control technicians on hand ready to react and handle your inquiries quickly.

    Cluster Flies

    Flies will congregate in areas around your home where they can nest undisturbed. These gatherings of flies are commonly Cluster Flies and in severe outbreaks it is wise that you employ a fly pest control service to handle your problem. We have made this service available to our customers at all times of the year due to the cluster fly posing an issue regardless of season. If you have discovered a cluster fly outbreak in your loft or perhaps an unused bedroom then call 01227 207217 for some free advice on your best route of action.

    While cluster flies are strictly not parasitic on humans and do not lay their eggs in human food, their nests often prove an irritation and can leave unwelcome detritus inside of properties. Cluster flies like our homes as nesting areas in the colder weather as they seek shelter to hibernate. Cluster flies seek areas in which they will not be disturbed, usually attic spaces entering through small openings.

    Cockroach infestation treatments

    Do it yourself cockroach pest control is a short fix to an issue that you really should be looking to rectify long term. Cockroach infestations shouldn't be handled lightly and must be addressed by a professional pest controller that is trained and experienced with dealing with cockroach extermination techniques. Make good of any potential cockroach entry points to ensure that any further cockroach activity is stopped. Following treatment you must invest some time in assessing your property on how cockroaches have managed to survive and thrive there. Pay attention to food sources.

    Thanks to the cockroaches ability to survive in many harsh condition it is encouraged that you use a pest control service for cockroaches to take care of your needs. Food gels, sticky traps and sprays are among our armoury in the defence of your property against cockroaches.

    Insect control for moths

    If you have seen moths around your home or noticed moth activity then its likely that the moths will be one of the these three species: clothes moth, carpet moth, pantry moth. Carpets and fabrics are common victims to moths that have managed to find their way into your home. Pantry moths will cause you many issues with your stored food products.

    There arent many fabrics around your home that are safe should moths have made it into your property. Take the time to try and identify the moths that are in your home and causing damage, look in cupboards and areas where they think they will be left undisturbed, underneath sofa's is a good spot to find them.

    Heat treatments for moths will get rid of moths from your property. We suggest that a heat treatment is administered for guaranteed removal of wasps from your home due to its effectiveness in killing off problem insects quickly. Chemical control for moths infestations can take a few weeks to become effective as this involves spraying a residual insecticide to kill all of the moths that are lucky enough to come into contact with it.