• Moth Control In Canterbury

  • It is becoming far more common for moths eating clothes, moths eating carpet and many of your expensive fabric items around your home. Is owed to two variations of moth, the house moth and the carpet moth. There are many stories in the media of a moth problem that is taking over the UK. Why is the UK being invaded by moths now? We are providing moths with the perfect environment through out homes being warm year round due to central heating systems. Moths are now able to breed far more successfully year round creating huge numbers not seen before.

  • Clothes moths act a little differently to other variations of moths. Clothes moths do not fly towards light and instead, are quite happy to spend their time tucked away in the depths of your wardrobes where they can breed undisturbed and their young can eat their way through your lovely cashmere jumper once hatched. The adult female clothes moth is around 10 mm in length and is a silver/brown colour making her hard to spot. She will lay her eggs, that look like small rice grains on to any clothing fibres that her offspring can eat.

    The female clothes moth will lay around 40 eggs over 21 days and will then die. The males can reproduce for the duration of their adult life. After a few days the eggs will then hatch and begin to much their way through your stored fabrics. The life cycle can take several moths to complete so the damage to your property can be extensive. We recommend using a moth spray or moth pheromone traps within your clothes stores to keep moths at bay. Hanging moth repellents in wardrobes has proved most effective.

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  • Have you noticed small bald patches in the corners of your carpets? It is more than likely that carpet moth larvae are eating their way through your carpets. Carpet moth infestation can be a costly problem to have why is why we recommend you act quickly. A female carpet moth can reproduce up to 200 eggs in her adult life which means moths in the house creating these bald spots can get out of hand very quickly. Carpet moths are extremely stubborn when you try to clear them from your beloved home.

    Carpet moths actively look for areas in which they will be undisturbed to lay their eggs. They often target around furniture, under sofas and behind tour curtains. Carpet moths are capable of of completing a number of life cycles in a year which could result in several generations being created in the summer months.

    In serious moth pest control situations, it is vital that a premises is fumigated to completely eradicate moths present. However, this is only in very serious moth infestation scenarios. There are many moth deterrents that you can purchase from most good hardware stores.

    • Moth Traps – Taking immediate action against killing moths can be done quickly and efficiently. You can control your moth infestation by using moth traps. Pheromone moth traps attract moths and kill them as they land on a sticky substance that they cannot escape once they have touched. Home made traps using flypaper and fish oil are also very good.


    • Moth Balls – Moth balls placed in moth problem areas are an effective way to kill moths. Moth balls have two active ingredients which are naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. Both of these ingredients can have different health effects to humans with high exposure. Moth balls are solid at room temperature and will produce toxic vapours to kill off moths.


    • Moth killer spray – Using an effective, poison free spray will kill moths and their eggs present on your fabrics. Moth killer spray keeps your clothes free from moths and moth holes.


    • Anti Moth sachets – Usinging natural essential oils, anti moth sachets create a “cocoon” of protective fragrance surrounding your fabrics. These sachets are great as they do not contain any chemical or toxic ingredients with no adverse animal effects.