• Mouse Control Canterbury

  • Do you need a professional¬†mouse control and mouse removal service in the Canterbury area? Our mouse control technicians are at your disposal if you happen to require a professional and efficient treatment to contain and quickly remove any problem mice. Call us now on 01227 207217.

  • Damage and disease caused by mice

    All residential properties are at risk to mice activity because of the mouses ability to adapt rapidly to any establishment; creating great damage to areas which were left untreated. Electrical short circuits have ended in fires caused by mice chewing through a cables insulating product. The dispersal of disease is another concern alongside the other risks posed by mice. Mice appreciate human environments since they're clear of their natural predators and will happily call any house their home.

    No office or house space is safe from the spread of contaminated surfaces as a result of mice travelling about in search for new refuge and water and food supplies. Extreme care must certainly be exercised by all occupants. Here are several diseases that mice often harbour:

    • Tapeworms
    • Salmonella
    • Murine Typhus
    • Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis
  • Mice in the house in Canterbury? We are experts in mice traps and mice baiting!

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  • Control and prohibition of mice

    Mice can be managed in many different techniques, each as effectual as the next. The method we will execute will essentially vary upon the scope, reoccurrence and intensity of the infestation. For smaller mice concerns we will make full use of break-back traps, positioned strategically around your property for maximum productivity. In our initial evaluation of your mice problem, we will determine precisely what and where your mice are feeding (mice tend to broaden their food resources) to make sure the traps accomplish maximum effect.

  • If traps are not performing as expected, we will use rodenticides for comprehensive mice control. In the event the use of rodenticides be essential, we'll utilise anticoagulants by using Difethialone, Brodifacoum and Flocoumafen. Making use of these chemicals is restricted to trained and competent technicians and not available to purchase in any high street shops.