• Rat Control Canterbury

  • Local Pest Control Canterbury services Canterbury and the surrounding areas. There are many sectors such as domestic customers, businesses, schools and manufacturing premises that may take advantage of our exceptional rat control support. Our pest control techs take great pride in the process that they supply and work with yourself in supplying a complete rodent control & rat control treatment irrespective of the size. We have technicians available to advise you on the most appropriate solution, to assure yourself the ideal rat extermination and rat control treatments, please call Local Pest Control Canterbury.

  • Canterbury Rat control

    • Survey - Comprehensive reports supplied following an inspection of your property.
    • Rat control - After a inspection our technicians will identify the best suited rat control techniques.
    • Rat proofing - After treatments we will help you in the proofing of your property to prevent further rat activity
    • Rat control results - Following proofing guidance alongside our procedures rat behaviour will end at your premises.
  • Looking for rats pest control? Our rat control service in Canterbury is quick and effective.

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  • Do you require Canterbury rat control?

    • Rat activity - You may possibly have observed rats loitering around your recycling bins or getting into your property
    • Gnawed surfaces - Rats teeth continually grow and must be shortened through gnawing tough surfaces
    • Disturbances - Rats will run around your wall cavities or attic area, especially evident at night
    • Bad smells - Rats own a distinguishable odour, especially nest locations
    • Rat droppings - Rat excrement is a tell-tale signal that you've got a rodent control problem
  • Can I avoid rodent behaviour?

    The pest control trade actively encourages deterrence is much better than cure; proof your Canterbury premises before rats make themselves at home. A food supply, water and shelter is everything that rats need to make a home in or around your premises. Recognise those three primary requirements for rats to survive and decrease your offerings, resulting in the lowering of the potential of a rodent infestation. This may include investigating the structural condition of your premises to discover entry points or possibly places where rats will be able to nest. We have experienced rat control experts prepared to help you in Canterbury if you want any help in such checks.

    Having fixed any difficulties with your premises additional rat control assistance may be necessary from a pest control technician.

  • Rat control procedures

    Rat control can take many forms. Sticky boards may be applied if other control strategies aren't suitable, our controllers will dispatch any rodents properly and humanely. The rat control procedures that we apply will be defined in the initial site review and can be altered through the course of treatment. Having uncovered all areas of concern in the site review, our pest control professionals will definitely manage all locations necessary around your premises adopting the recommended methods.

    Rat baiting is used to diminish rat behaviour near your property. Baiting can come in various forms. New food supplies are not usually eaten immediately as rats are very cautious. To make sure that adequate ingestion takes place our Canterbury pest controllers use baits that become effectual after 2 or 3 days. The amount of baiting necessary can vary; our pest controllers will adapt as needed and will dispose of any rats or rodents for the duration of the treatment.

    If during the site evaluation burrows were discovered within your property then our technicians may employ the application of gassing practices. The gassing of burrows will regulate rat numbers dispatching them in a swift and humane manner. Fumigation procedures will involve two visits from our pest controllers to obtain required results.