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  • Having served the Canterbury area with our wasp nest removal service for many years we're specialists in the removal of wasp and hornet extermination and nest removal. All our wasp nest removal experts are certified and experienced in the extremely dangerous procedure of removing wasp nests and relevant wasp pest control procedures. With our efficient treatments, genuine and polite staff and low-cost pricing, we're certain that you as a customer will feel safe and happy with the wasp remedy we shall offer. Please call 01227 207217 to go over your wasp based worries and our friendly technicians will have the ability to assist you.

  • Thanks to years of experience offering a superb wasp nest service there aren't many examples of wasps nest invasions that our techniciancs haven't encountered which has provided us the knowledge and skills to deal with wasp nests quickly and discreetly. Our solution does not finish at the removal of the wasps but we assure that all remnants of the wasp nest have been extracted following a successful treatment. You are able to remove the nest yourself once all wasp behaviour has been verified as absent however we take it upon ourselves to eliminate it for you, leaving you with the comfort that your wasp difficulty has been handled.

  • Need a wasp nest removing in Canterbury? Our wasp nest removal service is available year round!

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  • Nests of all sizes and shapes are a potential risk to humans as only several wasps pose a significant threat if provoked. With the summer weather vanishing and the colder weather setting in, wasps will quickly die off as the temperature cools. Nonetheless, as the time of year ends the queen of each nest will create additional queen wasps which have been found to nest close by, multiplying your wasp difficulty. Nests will start very small but as they develop their advancement is increased as time goes on. Nests vary from the size of your hand to virtually the size of one of our heavier pest control technicians! At this major point, the wasps will continuously expand further than the original space, working their way through any hard frameworks that lay in their way. Structural damage is a real fear for homeowners induced by nesting wasps.